Help me pick a hairdresser!

I have 3 options: (all Deva cutters)
A) This girl owns the salon and has been cutting hair since 1999, though not the Deva way the whole time (obv.) She has straight hair, and her rate is $55.
B) This girl has been a hairdresser for 2 years. She has naturally curly hair but seems to wear it straight a lot if the time. Shes $45
C) This girl has only been a hairdresser for a year. She has straight hair and is the cheapest, at $35.
They all work in the same salon and told me that pricing is based on experience. I cant decide who to pick. Saving money is a priority for me but not at the expense of a bad haircut.
2c/3a, botticelli/s'wavy, thick hair :queen:
Devacuts 3.5.14, 7.16.15
CG 9.11.14, on & off for years before
GOD really loves you. ∞
HGs: SM Shampoo, SM conditioners (RO), LA Looks Sport gel
*I love scalp scrubs, bangs, clipping roots, and diffusing!*
I wash my hair 1-2 times a week, usually 1

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