Getting Natural Hair Dyed

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I've had naturally black hair my entire life and am finally taking the plunge and getting it dyed a warm brown with blondish highlights for the summer. How should I prep my hair beforehand? How can I prevent damage? Are there any special care tips I need to know about for after it's dyed?
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  • quirkqueenquirkqueen Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hi Hako!

    I added hi-lights to my almost jet black hair last year, and was pretty much in the same boat. I can't think of anything you could do prior to dyeing your hair other than manipulating it as little as possible (kind of like before a perm). If you go to a skilled colorist they will tell you that since you have "virgin hair", i.e. never dyed, you will not have to bleach it. This will be a good thing because your hair will be less susceptible to damage.
    After I dyed my hair, I did notice a slight loosening of the curl pattern and more obvious split ends. This could have been because the hair was lighter which made it easier to see details, but I opted to increase the moisture in my regimen and co-wash more often. Eventually it just became part of the routine and was not a hassle.

    I hope this helps!

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