Please help me figure out my hair!

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Hi all,

I am new on here and need some serious help with my hair. All my life I have been fighting my hair and still cannot find the right way to deal with it. I think I need to start with trying to figure out what type of hair I have. Please let me know if any of my assumptions about my hair are incorrect and ask any questions.

From what I can see I have a lot of hair and each hair is thick too. The texture is more wavy than curly, I think, so I am guessing 2A and medium length, but that is defined as the hair being close to the head and mine naturally is not. Its huge and not soft. It is bleached right now, but the texture is exactly the same when it is my virgin hair. That being said though closer to my roots my hair does seem softer. I have some dandruff. I dont wash my hair a lot because it never seems to get oily at all. I probably wash it once a week.

If I wash my hair and let it dry naturally it takes hours. If I go to sleep with my hair wet, sometimes there are still moist parts in the morning. I tried to guess its porosity with the water test and some hair stayed on top, some sank a little, but non was at the bottom. I always thought that my hair was highly porous as its huge, coarse and frizzy, but the lest seems to suggest low to medium. I did the finger test too. I didn’t feel bumps, but it wasn’t a smooth sliding against the grain either.

I have tried protein, oil treatments, no cones, no sulphates, treatments masks… I dont even know what works and doesn’t any more. It takes a good while to dry and style my hair, but once I do, it looks good and it stays like that for days. I would like to send you guys some pictures of my hair, but at the moment the forum wont allow it.

Can you guys help me identify my hair texture? And best products to use? And also best shampoo (if needed) and conditioning routine? At first I thought co-washing, because of the way my hair looks and feels, I assume that its dry and needs the extra moisture.

Thank you in advance,

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