Hair style suggestions?

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Hi everyone,

I've just recently started going natural with my 3B hair! It's to my shoulder when wet, slightly above when cry and shrunk. It's long enough to put into a ponytail, but I'm a bit bored with wearing it down and voluminous or up in a pony. Any suggestions? What about things like head scarves? Would love to hear some cute styling tips! I'm a huge fan of simple; I don't want to break from my routine product and spend a long time styling for a single day, but I'll hear what you have to say!


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    Hi! Okay, I know exactly how you feel. When I first went curly I had the same issue. First I'm going to point you to the Youtuber who helped me with style ideas (many of which I still do today because they're so simple). Luhhsettyxo is her channel, and she does makeup, hair, college/school tips, etc. She has tons of vids on hairstyles, but this is the one that really helped me

    Another I learned was to separate your hair in half as if you were going to do the half up, half down style. Put the rest in a pony, then separate the front section down the center into two section. Twist each into a small bun and secure them, then let the rest out. ( I also posted this on the StyleNook, as well as a couple others!)

    You can also separate about an inch or two of hair from the front of your head all the way across and flat twist/braid/plait it for a braided headband look, leaving the rest out (or you can put the rest in a pony or bun!)

    Hope this helps! :)
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