Aphogee 2 Min. Keratin Reconstructor packette

Lately I've been feeling like my hair is too soft and not holding a curl as well as it usually does, so I figured a PT is in order. I picked up a packette of the 2 Min. Keratin Reconstructor but it seems kind of small. I have REALLY dense hair so my whole life I've had to use double of everything to fully coat all my strands. But since this is protein I am afraid of going overboard. Can any other dense-haired curlies weigh in on this? Should I use one packette or two?


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    You could try the Hask Keratin treatment, you get 50ml per sachet which i think is more than the Aphogee
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    I have actually never bought the packette form, only the large sized bottle of it only. I do find it to be a really great product. As, it has always worked very well for my hair, and has never dried it out, unlike the Aphogee 2-step Protein Treatment which doesn't do anything positive when it comes to strengthening my hair at all, and hapoens to dry my hair out terribly too. I have had the 2-Step Protein Treatment used on my hair when it was relaxed and even after going natural, and the results were always the same. Since you have really dense hair, I would buy 2 or 3 packets of the 2-Minute Reconstructor just to be on the safe side, okay.
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