Want to manage next day curls without products

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On the day, I wash my hair, it is really beautifully curled. But on the next day, all the curl definition is gone. My hair looks really messy and I have to comb it. Even after using a wide toothed comb, all the curls are gone. Help me!


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    Are you combing your hair dry on day 2?

    On day 2/3 I spray lightly with dilute conditioner and then smooth my hands down my hair, followed by gentle scrunching. This smooth any frizz (finger twirl any really bad bits) and reactivates the product on my hair from day 1. Once it's dry I just SOTC.
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    My best advice is to you, is to use styling product as needed on a daily basis, to revive and restore your curls in between washings. In order for my curls to look their best each day, in between hair washings, re-apply more styling product to my hair is an absolute must. Most of the styling products that I own can be used on both wet and dry hair, so I know that re-applying these products onto dry hair, helps a whole lot with helping to maintain the look of my curls until I happen to wash them again. If I happen to use a styler that is designed for use on wet hair only, I always make sure to buy the recommended curl refresher product (within the same haircare line), that is to be used on 2nd day hair and beyond, in order to keep my curls looking their best daily.

    And, I do not ever recommend combing or even brushing ones curls while they are in a dry state. This can lead to not only a lot of frizz, but also cause damage to ones curly hair as well.
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    I am really scared that the product would damage my hair and make it thin and weak. I cannot avoid combing because my hair looks really messy and in order for it to look presentable, that is the only option. However, I shall try using products. Could you please suggest some for managing curls on days post hair-wash?
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    Hi! Try using your conditioner (diluted with some water, I've done half and half) in a spray bottle to refresh your curls.

    Currently what I do is a 'water wash' on days 2+, because my hair just cannot be worked with unless it is wet. I simply get in the shower, sit under the water long enough to get my hair soaked, detangle gently (which works fine without adding more conditioner because I use it as a leave in on Day 1), get maybe a quarter sized more amount of conditioner (I use DevaCare One Condish) and smooth it over my hair. Then I flip and scrunch in only a dime sized amount of their gel (since some of this is leftover from Day 1 as well) and I'm good to go! You can also do this without adding more product, so long as you don't rinse for too long and consequently remove the product from Day 1. My hair just happens to be very dense and tangles quickly, so I have to detangle daily which means I need more water than someone with finer hair that is less prone to tangling would.

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    i think it is difficult to manage curls with out product. now a days product is very useful for rough and dry hair...
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    i think it is difficult to manage curls with out product. now a days product is very useful for rough and dry hair...

    I agree. I was trying to not use anything on the second day, but I have NO curl definition, it doesn't look super tangly, but it is not great. :(
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