Does co washing make hair grow faster?

I am not CG because I have tried it and did not seem to make a difference in my hair. sulfates and silicones work fine for me. however i want to grow my hair really long so i would consider going cg and co washing if it helps to stimulate hair growth and make it grow faster. please let me know if anyone has any opinions on this or experience with co washing/cg making hair grow faster! thanks!


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    I hate to be he bearer of bad news, but as far as I can tell, it does not make your hair grow faster. However, by cutting out sulfates (or at least minimizing them) your hair will be healthier and will need fewer trims, thus making it easier to retain length. Good luck!
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    Thank you! So does that mean that sulfates cause split ends? I only massage my scalp with sulfate shampoo but if it gets on the ends will it cause them to split? my hair seems healthy including the ends, despite my frequent use of sulfate shampoo. but if it does cause splits/damage to the ends then i will stop using sulfates. any tips for faster hair growth is appreciated!
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    If your hair seems perfectly healthy after using all the products then it seems like you're fine. Something you may want to try if sulfates concern you is dilute sulfate washing--diluting the shampoo with water before using. It's gentler You can also try a cocobetaine shampoo which also removes 'cones from your hair but is gentler.

    As for growing hair faster, there are many purported methods. Something that I've seen a lot of people on here recommend is the inversion method.

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