Does using sulfate shampoo cause split ends?

I am not CG. My hair is 3a/3b. I have tried it a few times and for a few months at a time and both times it did not really make any change in my hair. My hair has always been fine with using sulfates and silicones so that is what I use right now. I also feel that silicones make my hair softer! However, I really want to grow my hair long so I was wondering if using sulfate shampoos actually cause split ends?? I do not use any heat on my hair or color it or anything so my only concern is shampoo. I'm just curious if it can actually cause split ends in the hair. Thank you!


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    Short answer is no. The idea behind not using sulfates is because they can be very stripping and drying. And I suppose if your hair is really dry then, yeah, it can break and cause split ends. But it's not likely IMO just from using a regular shampoo
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    I did strict CG for several years and now rotate in sulfates and silicones. In my experience, it's mechanical a manipulation that contributes more to split ends than sulfates. For example, a big issue for me is when my hair gets caught under the strap of my purse. As long as you treat your hair gently you should be able to keep split ends to a minimum.
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