Ouidad whipped curls

whitneywinnmwhitneywinnm Registered Users Posts: 1
Howdy! I have 2B hair on top and 3B hair on bottom. Fine, high porosity (highlighted blonde). Baby soft, thin, fluffy curls.

I really love Ouidads Whipped Curls as my styler. I love with it does to the ends, it clumps them unlike most gels I've tried. The only problem, is second day, if I rewet and add more (plop and diffuse) it gets very gunky and heavy on top.

The ends never look bad, just the root. I'm left with greasy feeling, frizzy frizzy roots.

Any advice? Maybe a product very similar but not as sticky? Or another one for just the top? The frizz factor on second day hair at the root area is always problematic for me. Should I use a refresher? All I've tried so far leave it too crunchy/sticky.

I'm the one in blue in photo.

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