Balsam of Peru & Fragrance Free Curly Hair Products

I just found out from my allergy doctor today that I have an allergy to Balsam of Peru and fragrance. I have 3A hair and it looks like I will need to find some new products. Has anyone else dealt with this and found some curly hair products that work? Thanks!


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    Yes. It's a big problem for me.

    For reference my hair is baby fine, low density, and high-ish porosity. I love Spiral Solutions (but that is coming to an end. :( She would put aside fragrance free if requested). Sweet Curls makes a whole bunch of wonderful products that you can custom make. I use a version of the crazy curly gel (without the PVP and customized for my hair). Or you can home make flax seed gel and/or okra gel. Aubrey Organics Mandarin Magic I also use and like. Other lines are John Masters, Sevi, Andalou. I also home make gelatin hair gel. And henna tea, which I love because my hair needs strength and oomph. Shea Moisture is too heavy for my hair but I believe they are all or mostly fragrance free, as is most or all of the kinky curly line. Jessicurl also has fragrance free versions of her products. Jason has a conditioner that is fragrance free. Kiss My Face is a popular Cowash that is fragrance free as well. I'll add more as I think of them. :) Best of luck--I know how difficult it is to find fragrance free products.

    Edit: adding Uncle Funky's Daughter Curly Magic, which has natural fragrance.

    Super baby fine hair, low porosity
    Shampoos: SM Fruit Fusion (mostly), Avalon lemon (to clarify). Occasional aloe vera and glycerin to wash.
    Stylers: Intelligent Nutrients Perfect Hold Hairspray
    Treatments: Catnip tea, IA girl's PT, Fermented Rice Water, Catnip Tea, Amla tea, Irish Moss, SS PT

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