Finding the right 3A Diffuser?

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A while back I got my hair cut, shortened and layered in a way that helps the curl quite a bit and allows me to finally get decent looking hair with a diffuser- which means no more plopping in t shirts for five freaking hours on wash days, lol.
The thing is, I just can't diffuse my hair and have it look the way it did when the hair stylist- who doesn't even have curly hair and who learned about the curly girl method from me- did it. I'm trying to figure out if I just have a crappy diffuser, I suck at diffusing, or both.
This is how my hair looked when she did it: (crappy quality I know... point is it looked a ton like the stock 3A example image here on NC. Just brown. lol.)


This is how it looks when I do it (both pictures are probably second/third day hair)... Now it's very loose 2A-2B waves up until the last inch and a half of each strand, where it turns into a loose barrel-curl about an inch in diameter.


This is my diffuser:


I don't have a picture of hers, nor did I get a really good look at it, but I seem to remember it not being flat on top like mine is. I also seem to recall my hair going more in it, instead of just existing above it.
Does anyone know if maybe I diffuse wrong? I just flip my upside down (she did this as well) and use it on a medium heat-low cool setting, depending on reasons. :p I think she did it on high heat, but I don't wish for heat damage so I don't do that. I also know we used the exact same products and did the stuff before hand the same way (I copied the way she washed and de-tangled my hair, and I took all my own products with me that day). I start at the bottom and slowly go up until the nubby things touch my head, hold for a second, and move on. I go on until it's about 75-80% dry and my legs and back are numb from bending over lol, and then I flip it the right way and let it air dry the rest of the way with periodic scrunching.
The only difference I can think of, is I scrunched my mouse into my hair upside down in typical curly hair fashion. She scrunched in the stuff with my hair right side up.
What am I doing wrong?
And if it IS the diffuser, can you maybe suggest one that fits a cheap con-air hairdryer and won't break the bank? ;)
Thank you! :toothy10:


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    Hmmm my diffuser looks exactly like that one.

    I hold it in place for longer than a few seconds though- more like a minute or two. I also use gel, not mousse. You may need more hold than the mousse provides... I also diffuse to the 80% mark; however, I wait to SOTC until my hair is completely dry, so it does look pretty crunchy until it's scrunched out.

    These are just things I do- maybe that would help. I also know I probably need to do a clarifying wash today or tomorrow- when my hair starts acting weird I usually clarify and use a deep conditioner.
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    Yes there are different types of diffusers! Mine has more of a bowl shape. I got it from Sally's for about $8. You can search the Sally's website for the "Conair Pro Universal Finger Diffuser" since the website won't let me post links yet. :thumright:
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    I think Curls80 hit the nail on the head. You need to leave your diffuser in place for longer than a few seconds so the gel has time to start the gel cast. The gel cast is what holds your curls in place until they are fully dried. It's the major reason that you don't want to scrunch the crunch and cause frizz before your hair is at or close to 100% dry.

    I use the Pixie Curl method and leave my diffuser in place for at least a couple minutes in each section of my hair. I move around my head then start over from the beginning until 100% dry. It's the only way I can get my hair to hold onto 3a curls. If I rush the process or don't wait until 100% dry to scrunch I end up with 2c at best.
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