Deva Cut- Bad experience!

I've been transitioning to naturally curly hair for about three years- and I haven't had a professional haircut since! I only go to "ethnic latina" salons because they know how to handle my hair, but they would automatically give me a blow without even asking- not wanting it blow dried seemed to be unheard of! I just cut my hair at home by pulling it into a pony tail at the front of my head and snipping off the dead ends. According to youtube, that method gives you great layers :P

Anyway, my brother's wedding is coming up so I took the plunge and scheduled my first deva cut! $75, which is pricy for just a cut...but I did it anyway...and it was HORRIBLE!

First, I noticed my stylist had sleek straight hair and there were advertisements for keratin treatments all over the salon. I wondered how my asian stylist with perfectly sleek straight hair could understand my curls...but I went for it anyway... Knowing that every other salon trip I've ever had lasted many, many hours, I was ready to go in for the long haul.. I sat in the chair, and she began to snip... ten minutes later she said "Okay, so now we'll go and wash..."
...What? That's it?
My hair looked exactly the same, just frizzier from her touching and manipulating my curls. She was quickly offended and after an awkward and heated exchange that included her rolling her eyes and asking me "Well, what did you expect?", I agreed to go to the washing station. She washed and scrunched my hair, put in some clips, and then sat me under the dryer.
When I came out of the dryer she released my wasn't even neat. My part was all messy and frizzy. I still had pyramid head. My home cuts courtosey of youtube looked better than this...and were much cheaper, too. I pointed to an odd section of hair in front of my face that was like a rectangular curtain sticking out. She "angled it" ...aka, snipped three more times and left it exactly the same. I pointed to my part, she used her comb to make it slightly more angled, but still messy and frizzy. I gave up, defeated, and went to pay my $75, feeling like I had just been scammed. No thanks, I don't want to set up my next appointment. No, I wouldn't like to add a tip to the bill. Have a nice day.

I think I'll stick to youtube. :cwm10:

I attached a photo I took about an hour after leaving the salon.


  • nicolecatherinenicolecatherine Posts: 29Registered Users
    Wow! That's insane! I'm so glad I read this, I've been thinking of getting my hair cut, despite the fact that I'm currently growing it out, and have been holding off on it due to price (one salon in my area charges around $160; however, he is a world renowned curly stylist) and not being quite certain where I want to go for my cut. I wear my hair straight sometimes, so it's important to me that I get a good cut that works both ways. After reading your story, I think I'm going to wait until my hair is longer, that way if they DO mess up, it's not such a big deal and I can get it fixed without losing too much length and turning my hair into a bob. I'm so sorry that your bad haircut cost you a pretty penny. If I were you, I'd review them in every place possible, so that I could (hopefully) save another poor soul from the same fate! Also, perhaps if you call another curly salon in the area and let them know what happened and that you want it fixed they may take pity on you and give you a good price or spend some real, personal time with you to get things looking right. :)
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  • chupiechupie Posts: 5,280Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Umm. I only have wavy hair and a Deva cut takes longer than that. :\
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  • CurlyDellaCurlyDella Posts: 3Registered Users
    When I made a comment about being able to get a 10 minute cut for $30 elsewhere, she stated that it was an hour long process...yes, I spent 5 minutes checking in and sitting down, 10 minutes cutting, 10 minutes for the wash, 30 minutes under the drier, 5 minutes taking my hair down and 5 minutes paying for it all...

    Last time I paid this much for a haircut it included a cut, dye, highlights and full blow out...and it took maybe 4 or 5 hours...

    On the bright side, I went home, rinsed out my hair, threw in my products and now my hair looks just about as good as it did before this haircut
  • Marci PieMarci Pie Posts: 668Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    That is horrible! It is so hard to trust people to cut hair! I would call the salon owner if for nothing else to let her know that the stylist shouldn't claim to cut curly hair.

    I prefer the do-it-yourself method because at least you don't have to pay for the cut if it goes wrong.

    I have to say that the pony tail method is great way to get layers. I have done it before.

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  • chupiechupie Posts: 5,280Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Omg. Usually a Deva cut and style takes at least 1.5 hrs.
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  • CandySparklesCandySparkles Posts: 66Registered Users
    I feel your pain.

    I stopped getting salon cuts because they would neverdo it the way I want. I taught myself how to cut my hair using YouTube. I started with trimming the bangs, then the layers around the front, once I mastered those, and eventually went to a full hair cut.

    My hair is long with layers, in a v-shape.... so pretty easy to cut.

    I am amazed that I can get my hair to look just as good as any salon can (in terms of the cut). Also love saving the $$$ too.
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  • AngelaE8654AngelaE8654 Posts: 1,099Banned Users Curl Neophyte
    I do the YouTube layer technique and it works great for me. There is a Deva Stylist near here but the cuts cost $165 and there is NO WAY I would pay that much for a haircut.
  • BotticelliBritBotticelliBrit Posts: 2,075Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    That's awful – I had a similar experience with a dry cut (not Diva) where they only spent about 15 minutes doing my hair (after making me wait for an hour!). Thankfully the cut itself only cost £15 or so (if I remember right) so I wasn't too put out. If it would have cost any more I would have outright refused to pay.
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  • CurlyDellaCurlyDella Posts: 3Registered Users
    I spoke to a manager, she said that stylist is the only one who does deva cuts (they told me on the phone when I booked that there were two...) but I could schedule a free re-do with another stylist. I asked for someone with experience cutting curly hair, even if it wasn't a deva cut. She recommended someone she said was one of their best stylists, who has experiences with different textures. I told her I'd reschedule for sometime next week as I'm busy with wedding stuff this weekend. I'm going to find pictures of good 3b haircuts to bring with me so there's no "Well, what did you expect?" this time.
  • MyrnaMyrna Posts: 2,472Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    It's terrible t hat you had to deal with rudeness on top of a bad cut. I am quite leery of Deva cuts. There are deva stylists in my area, and one is very good, but I think stylists are taking a "Deva seminar" somewhere for a few hours and then advertising that they do Deva cuts. And I agree a straight haired stylist is not really in a position to "get" curly hair - at least not most stylists. I have had the pricey Deva cut, and my current stylist, who is NOT a Deva stylist, and I figure they are pretty much the same. I had one salon tell me that the salon would not be a "good fit" for me because I asked about using my own products for a Deva cut and styling. What a Scam! I would take it up with the manager before you get another cut. There should at the very least be a price adjustment!
  • bookgrdngirlbookgrdngirl Posts: 403Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Wow! I'm so sorry to hear about your experience. :(

    The closest Deva Salon near me is about a 2 1/2 hour ride, but some of the reviews are REALLY bad! Apparently one stylist is amazing and the other one is really rude. I've been debating if it's worth it or not because besides the cut, the gas will cost money too! I hope your able to get a better experience in the future. I would definitely write a review about your experience, too!
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  • sixelamysixelamy Posts: 4,157Registered Users Curl Novice
    My Deva cut took an hour. That was with no washing or styling. Was that stylist actually certified? There are stylists out there that advertise Deva cuts that aren't actually certified. If she is, that's really sad service and a disgrace to the method. Your hair looks good, but I would've never guessed it was a Deva cut. I'm sorry you aren't happy with it, I hope the other stylist does a better job
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  • wavypenwavypen Posts: 253Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've had very good deva cuts and one really spectacularly bad cut (and she cut it so short it couldn't be fixed unless I pixied it, I wore a hat for months). But I've heard, and I don't know if this is true, that they changed the the technique for the quick trainings, making it easier, and that way does not lead to good results as much.

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