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I've done a porosity test two weeks ago with a thick hair strand and some products on my hair. The result was high
Then I started a new routine with my hair, and redid the test, this time with freshly washed hair, I wasn't sure about the amount of hair that I have to use, and I got different results: with one hair only, I got LOW, the hair stayed on top, BUT, when I put a strand , it was Medium
I'm quite puzzled now lol, what's the exact right way?


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    the water test is not at all reliable.
    a hair analysis would be great. in absence of that a good way to figure out porosity is drying time. high porosity hair dries the fastest, usually in 2 hours. low porosity takes a very long time, like 6 hrs. and of course normal porosity is about 4 hours, give or take.
    and your hair can be low porosity at the roots, high porosity at the ends, depending on how long it is and how much damage it has suffered.

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    Wow! Sounds like a big deal then! Well my hair takes long to dry, but I think the difference in my case is between the front and the back parts; front dries in 2 hours maximum, the back part though takes almost 5 hours. Even the curl pattern is looser in the ffront.
    Ok then, I have to combine treatments for one part or the other.
    Thank u a lot for ur answer!! ^^

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