What does my hair need?!?

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I've tried almost anything under the sun with my curly hair (which I think is a mixture of 3a/3b) and nothing is working :( I did plop one time - and with incredible results (first pic) - but after I tried it again the exact same way it turned out like utter complete frizzy garbage (second pic). It's so upsetting, it's like I can't even stick with one routine bc my hair is ****ty and unpredictable like that :sad2: I've been thinking about getting a bob lately, so maybe that'll help give me more root volume but idk...

*My hair feels soooo dry and frizzy. Literally feels like straw some days.
*I have not used heat on it in over a year.
*I do the pineapple thing over night but it still gets all matted in the back when I get up in the morning.
*I have flat roots and no layers, I think the no layers plays into the flat roots but idk.
*I use a sulfate free shampoo every other day with the Suave Naturals Coconut Conditioner.
*I do not brush my hair, I comb it w/ a wide tooth comb in the shower.
*Idk if this is bad/causing the dryness, but I apply this oil that's marketed as Rejuvenating Argan Oil by Orlando Pita but I think it probably doesn't work. I apply it after I step out of the shower.
*After applying the oil I scrunch in LA Looks Mega Mega Hold Gel.
*** My hair seems to respond well to humidity. On days when it's humid, I've had multiple people tell me my hair looks curlier and softer. Idk what this means, but it's gotta mean something.


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    Hi! It sounds like you are doing all the right things with your hair. Could you have build up and maybe you just need a wash with sulfate shampoo? Sometimes that actually helps my hair and makes it less frizzy as it gets rid of any build up. I only do it like once every 6 months. Also the pineapple thing doesn't work for me either, I just let my hair down on silk pillowcases at night. Those really help my hair, as Cotten pillow cases suck the moisture out of hair. Have you deep conditioned lately?
    Also if you used to use heat in the passed a lot the damage hasn't fully made its way out of your hair in a year, you probably have about 6 inches of healthy growth.
    Perhaps you need a trim?
    Anyway hoped I helped :)
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    You need more moisture. Try one of these watery leave in's:
    She moisture yucca and plantin hair milk
    Kinky curly knot today
    She moisture Jamaican black castor oil leave in

    Also you need to do some deep treatments:

    Moisturizing and strengthen mask:
    1/2 can of coconut milk
    2 spoons of honey

    The mask I just put down is a protein treatment and a deep conditioner all in one. If you are protein sensitive this should work for you still.

    And finally, you need to seal:
    Castor oil
    Jojoba oil
    Coconut oil

    These are great oils for sealing but I recommend castor oil. Mix the castor oil with water and it shouldn't leave you greasy.

    Hope this helps!

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    Even though you are using a sulfate shampoo I think you are shampooing to frequently. Just use conditioner instead. Shampoo once a week. I have found that when my hair feels like straw means too much protein or protein sensitivity. Look to see if your products have wheat protein in them because that makes my hair dry and frizzy. I would start fresh by clarifying, deep conditioning and doing a steam treatment. I swear by the steam treatment when I need moisture. Here is the technique:

    Steam Treatment
    You will need:

    • 2 turbie turbans from the Dollar Store
    • 2 plastic caps
    • 1 pair of rubber gloves
    • Deep conditioner of your choice

      After co-washing or shampoo (loo or no) put a deep conditioner in your hair.

      Wet 2 turbies and microwave in a bowl for 10 minutes.
      Wring out the turbies using the rubber gloves.
      Wrap hair with first turbie
      Cover turbie with plastic cap
      Repeat with second turbie and plastic cap
      In the end you will have turbie, plastic cap, turbie, and plastic cap.
      Sit under hair dryer for 20 minutes.
      Rinse and style hair as usual.

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