What is slip?

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Hi, I'm new to the curly girl method and have used a co-wash on my hair for 8 washes now. I've been using body shop rainforest conditioner. However, I am finding my hair impossible to get my hands through when it's wet. When I previously used shampoo, followed by a conditioner, my hair would go smooth when I rinsed it out. With co washing, no matter how much conditioner I put in, it's like it's all sticking together in one lump. I wouldn't usually comb my hair when wet for fear of breaking it, but with this method, I have no choice because I can't get the tangles out. (I do it carefully of course, and put some conditioner through it, but it seems wrong to be combing wet hair). I am not using mouse or gel, but I run some pure argan oil through it when it is dry. Can anyone advise me please? I've heard people mentioning 'slip'. Is this what is missing? What is it? And what product should I buy to get it. Thanks


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    Slip is how easily you're able to comb through your hair while it's wet based on conditioner. Some conditioners with good slip are Tresemme Naturals & Aussie Moist.
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    Thank you for your reply. I'll look out for those. So helpful! I love this website

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