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Hello :)
So, I want a pixie cut. I've researched plenty and I'm 100% positive it's what I want.
However, not sure exactly how short to go. 2-3 inches on top, choppy, and blended to a shorter length on the sides is what I thinking, but I need some second opinions here.
My mother has stick straight hair and she thinks I'm asking for trouble. I think curl pixie cuts are plenty doable, but I need to ideas.
I'm getting it done in 2-4 days, so I'm a little short on time.
Any suggestions would be awesome :)


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    google short curly hairstyles. there are plenty of pics/ideas.

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    I think what you described would look super cute, my twin sister (who has straight hair) has a cut like that and it's sooo adorable. Hers is buzzed almost all the way at the sides and on top it's at least 3 inches. When my hair was at it's shortest, which was a really short bob, I remember it flew up so much though - so just keep that in mind. You're gonna definitely have to modify your styling big time if you want it to look a certain way.

    Just repeating what the person above me said, just go on google images for some inspiration - it sounds like you know what you want though!
  • YourockmuhrocksYourockmuhrocks Registered Users Posts: 4 Curl Neophyte
    Here is what my 3a/3b hair looked like in a pixie. I wore it for two years like that and found it easy and low maintenance. Growing it out has been hell, though. My hair has finally reached bob length and I can honestly say I'll never cut it again!

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