Type 3b hair growing in straight?

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My hair was always very wavy, frizzy, fine and thick as I was young. When I hit puberty (around 11) it went from Type 2 to a 3b/3c and it became extremely frizzy, thicker, and dry. I didn't take care of it for years and it became worse. Recently (this past year), I am now 15 and have dyed it twice (over a year ago). I have stopped damaging it and started using biotin, conditioning treatments, no heat, and overall just keeping my hair healthy. All of the sudden (what seemed to be a miracle) my shiny, blonde, fine, wavy hair has started to grow in at the roots. My hair is almost stomach length. The consistency has also gone almost to a 2c/3a. Is it possible that my hair is changing due to hormones or possibly how well I am maintaining my hair? Some people have said it is just getting longer, therefore the hair will become wavy-er, but the whole texture is different at top. I don't want to get my hopes up, but if I get my childhood hair back I will be ecstatic! Please offer your ideas!:thumbright:


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    The added weight from length can result in the hair appearing sleeker. I also see that some conditioners on fine hair can also add to that effect. My hair also has a different curl pattern when it is short than when it gets longer. And I have also noticed that it is less frizzy and sleeker the longer it gets. I can totally relate.
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    Grapeseed oil nightly

    (no gel, mouse, or hair spray. My delicate, fine hair will tear if I even try to run my fingers through it with any of those. :angel9:)
    My go to leave ins are now: my regular conditioners listed above, gs oil, or PW77
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    The same happened to me. Around age 11 my became really curly 3c/4a, and now at age 15 my hair has loosed back again 3b w 3a new growth. It may have something to do with hormones. My hair hasn't grown much (cuz I cut it) but the curl still loosened. So hormones are probably another reason. ☺

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