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I love volume and layers really help me achieve that. Right now mine are grown out. I know the shorter the layers, the more volume, so here's my question: what is the shortest layer length (when stretched) that would still go back into a ponytail? Chin length, maybe?
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    Well, the curlier your hair, the more you can get away with shorter layers and still be able to do a ponytail, because you'll be stretching your hair. However, I once had a haircut that was just above shoulder length, and this was when my hair was so dry and unhealthy so it was only a BIT wavy, and I could pull it into a ponytail. So I think overall, if you pull on a curl so it's straight and it reaches your shoulder (or above your shoulder by an inch or two), you should be able to do a ponytail. Hope that helped :D
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