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Hi Wavies,

I'm on the lookout for any cool methods (besides hats and scarves) to protect my hair from the sun! What oils, products, etc do you use for UV protection?

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    I know coconut oil helps with limiting UV damage. There was a study done that specifically addressed it. I'm not a sun worshipper myself, since I burn not tan, so I don't use specific sun protection products on my hair. I do typically wear a hat or put my hair up to limit the UV exposure though. I happen to know that LALSG has Benzophenone-4, which is a UV filter, but of course hair products don't list an SPF like other cosmetic products. Polyquaternium-59 also helps prevent UV damage, and though it has moderate buildup potential, it might be better to have to clarify than to incur irreversible UV damage.

    If you look up the Ingredients Commonly Found in Hair Care Products article here, it has a list of several UV filtering ingredients. There's also at least one article on that specifically discusses sun protectants for hair. Several of the products mentioned had amodimethicone, but there was at least one that was silicone free.

    Top 15 Products With UV Protection

    Protect Your Hair from the Sun - by Tonya McKay, the Curl Chemist

    5 Hair Refreshers & Detanglers With SPF

    Science-y Hair Blog: Summer Sun and Your Hair - This mostly discusses what UV damage does to hair, but might be worth reading.
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    I wear a hat, but that being said I use a mousse sometimes, Clairol 3-in-1, that has a sunscreen in it (ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, AKA octinoxate).

    It's CG, found cheap on the lower shelf at CVS, and has a water soluble silicone. I like it OK enough to keep a can of it around.
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