Experience Refreshing Color with Carrot/Beet Juice?

CurlyT2193CurlyT2193 Registered Users Posts: 18
Hi all,

I just recently, re-colored my hair... I used to use Textures and Tones, however due to it's limited availability in my area, I decided to use Clairol's Flare line. (4VVR/5VVR with a 20 developer). which basically made more of a burgundy. It's still looks nice however I know it's going to fade at some point... I googled a natural way to keep it fresh, but it's not really specifying if it only works for natural red heads or if it would work for refreshing a dye job... If anyone has any insight or experience, I'd really appreciate it. I'd rather not have to go back through the process more than just touching up new growth and I do that as sparingly as possible.

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