Any feedback on Christo Salon in NYC (Alice)?

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Hi all, read your info on Dickey, Carlos and Deva -- I have question -- have any of you gone to Christo? Alice? Need help badly.

I have just had a horrid situation. Got 1/ 2 of my head of hair cut 2 mos ago -- now need rest. The women who colors my hair, cut my hair two years ago. Didn't know who else to go to. The result -- it was way too short, but after 6 mos -- started to grow in great and still looked good 2 years later. But it got soo long and I needed a cut.

So, I book a cut with her on 4/8 -- told her I want a TRIM, and not as short as last time. She admonishes me for no cut in 2 years, tells me I have breakage in back and then cut 2.5 inches off the back (that's a lot for a 3b/c curly). BUT.... she left sides and front as is. So... right now the sides are longer than back. When asked why she did this, she told me I would not be able to handle it short. Told me to wait til back grows more and charged for 1/2 a haircut. Insane.

Fast forward to this week. I went for color and asked when I could cut rest of my hair. Bottom line, she told me I stress her out and to go elsewhere.

I have no clue where to go now... I used to go to Ouidad years ago until Ouidad herself botched my hair. Now I have to cut the full hair to match that short back layer. I met with Alice, but don't know anyone who has gone to her -- any feedback.

Thanks so much.
rsw who is miserable in nyc


  • rswrsw Registered Users Posts: 69 Curl Novice
    Anyone? I really need a cut and I'm so scared. Where to go. I've read all these Deva comments, but not sure that's the place for me. Anyone with long 3 B/C -- can you suggest place and person to cut?
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    RSW, sorry - I didn't see your post! I responded in a pm.

    My hair is only 2b/c so our textures aren't the same but I did go to Christo and explained in my pm why I preferred that to my Deva cut. I wanted to love Deva but it didn't work for me at all.

    I am currently going to Dickey at Hair Rules and I like what he does but I really suggest a consultation first if that's where you decide to go. It's good that you went for a consult at Christo. It's kind of a crapshoot wherever you go - hope you are lucky!
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