Two different hair types.

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Hi, everyone. The front and sides of my hair are 3a/3b, but the back has become very flat and like a 2b or less. I have never used a relaxer, a flat-iron, or any type of straightening method.

My hair is currently very healthy, soft, and silky. My hair is curliest at the very front of my head, at my hairline. (Great, right? :confused1:)

I have not had a haircut in about four months, prior to that it was extremely short, like a pixie. I have a chronic problem with stylists taking too much off the back and not enough off the top, leaving my hair top-heavy and poodle-like. My curls are tight and strong; they are curly at the root, not straighter at the root and curlier at the ends, like someone with looser curls.

Does anyone have thoughts, information, suggestions, or stories to share? I am now 34 years old, and when I was younger, I think my curls were tighter, heavier, and more dense all over my head, but now the back has become noticeably flat and a totally different texture than the front and sides. The front and sides will dry much faster when wet, and they feel ever-so-slighter coarser. The back feels silky and holds moisture longer.

I would like to do something about this problem, but the question is, should I attempt to go straighter, or attempt to go curlier? I do not like having two noticeably different types of hair on my head. I would fine with going straighter or going curlier; what I don't like is this in-between thing.

Thanks! :)


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    Since you've had short hair in the past, I wonder how you'd feel with an inverted, stacked curly bob? There are some cute pics out there of stacked bobs that are shorter (straighter) in the back but let the curls do their thing in the front and on the sides. I would totally do this if I could get away with it - my hair is also curlier at my bangs than anywhere else - but I don't look quite right with longer bits at the front of my face.

    Google up some images of this type of cut and see what you think! :)
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