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I got really excited when I started using LALSG over my MTCC because I was finally getting defined curls and frizz control! Even in the front. I looked like a perm head! It was great! Well it has been exactly one week and I'm already seeing a degradation in the quality of my curls with those products. I clarified a couple of days ago. Plus I JUST got a trim a week ago

I have a huge problem with crown frizz because of new growth being a few inches long sticking up and out right at eye level and higher. Even with the LAL, so I tried using a wide toothed comb on dripping wet hair to try to comb the shorter hairs into formation before adding product. As well as sectioning the hair when applying MTCC hoping to get better coverage up there. Somehow my curls revived with scrunching - shockingly! So I was really happy when it worked and I saw that the LAL gel was taming that frizz plus all the other frizz and defining curls and keeping them that way through the whole day.

Well, now, I'm getting a terrible flat head. I'm straight completely now for two inches from my center part, both sides. I'm thinking it's the combing that's getting it too straight maybe, and then it sets that way during diffusing? A few of the former problem straight pieces are going back to being straighter near the ends too. I do clip it up very near the part for volume. I wonder if I am getting a little too much product or if combing it first is the problem. If so, how do I get the crown frizz to lay down?
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