Best BKT on the market right now?

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So I have done BKT twice now on my hair using Uncurly. I did the second treatment within a week of the first treatment. The first time my hair went from a solid 3C, to a 3C/3B. The second time it went from 3C/3B to I would say a solid 3B. I am trying to get into the 2's from just a wash and go.

Since I finished the Uncurly, I am shopping around again. I am looking for the strongest treatment on the market out there right now. It looks like QOD back in the day was the best, but I am seeing that is not the case anymore. I was wondering if anyone has any recent BKT recommendations? I don't care about formaldehyde, I am more concerned with efficacy.

I was looking at these two, but there are basically no reviews out there. Anyone try them, or can point me to good reviews about them??

Keratin Cure, V1 or V2
Keratin Research Gold Label

Thanks to anyone who can help!!

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