so confused 2b (?) hair, products/styling tips

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I need help. I came across the CG website a long time ago. I have been using suave coconut conditioner to co-wash and as a leave in. I used to use the herbal essence set me up gel, but the stores around here quit selling it. So i switched to the aussie instant freeze which is ok. I use a little bit of the co-wash conditioner as a leave in. But lately my hair just isn't cutting it anymore. I have tried different products and my hair responds so crappy. Some products are too heavy but then the light ones don't give me any definition and my hair gets too frizzy. I also have NEVER been able to get away with second day hair. I have tried Giovanni tea tree, 50/50, smooth as silk. Sally's ion shampoo and conditioner, the Krystal gel at Sally's. All of these just make my hair dry. Also I am totally confused in regards to styling my hair without brushing it out of the shower. If I don't brush it out of the shower, it get frizzy with flyaways at the top and I can't figure out how to get product at the top of my hair without brushing it out of the shower and running the product through my hair with my fingers... also if I just do finger styling, I can't part my hair how I want and it just looks yucky and frizzy. I have 2b hair, fine and thin. I just need help lol

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