Need General Hair Help! :)

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Hey Curlies! Just wanted some general help & advice with my hair.

I have attached a picture of what my hair typically looks like. I am capable of getting some really cute and noticeable ringlets, but for the most part my roots stay pretty straight. I haven't used heat on my hair in over a year. I know that this has to do with how I apply gel and dry my hair. Right now I always end up separating my hair into too many little chunks from running my fingers through and scrunching. I have tried plopping on multiple occasions and it generally looks the same but with just less frizz. How should I apply gel and product to my hair when it's wet and in what way should I dry it?

For over half a year I've been wanting to get bangs, but I'm just really afraid of the hair stylist messing it up and cutting too much of my hair off. I still want to retain the hair length that I have now and eventually grow it out to BSL, so I don't want the stylist to really cut too much off of my ends too. If I asked, would the stylist only cut my bangs and not trim my ends?
I really like Hayley Williams bangs here, they're basically straight across but angled in a face-framing way. I don't want to straighten my bangs though, I want to let them be curly all of the time. Could I achieve this sort of style with curly bangs, or would it look odd?

edit: In my profile picture (not my avatar, the one in my profile) it looks super curly, which is because I plopped, but shortly after taking the picture I remember that the weight of my hair made it appear basically how it looked in my attached picture here.


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    Hi =) The way I apply gel is right after I wash my hair, I flip my head upside down and scrunch in gel (and usually conditioner too) then I run a wide tooth comb through my hair. For some reason, the comb gives me more clumps than finger combing does...also, a way to get really great volume and root curl is diffusing. I know you said that you didn't use heat on your hair, but I diffuse about once or twice a week and my hair doesn't really seem damaged. I use a heat protectant too, so maybe that helps some. Your hair looks AMAZING, I do see what you are talking about though. If you want the curls to be kind of all over your head instead of just near the end, I would consider some shorter layers. Oh, and if you're worried about the stylist ruining your hair (happened to me once...NOT FUN) there are ways that you can cut bangs and frame your face at home. It's pretty easy, as long as you cut each individual curl and don't get too overzealous. =) Hope this helps some!
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    Thank you very much :) I will try out what you've recommended in your post!
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    if im on the curly girl method how do i get the chlorine from pools out of my hair?
  • nappymiminappymimi Posts: 75Registered Users
    you have to wash it out & always apply conditioner or Shea butter or mineral oil before swimming
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    I comb in my leave in to soaking wet hair, then scrunch my hair with a microfiber towel. After that I scrunch in gel (no combing through after its been towel dried.) Then more towel scrunching.
    As for the bangs, I think they would look really cute on you. I have bangs, and I think the hairdresser would just cut bangs. Its your hair and money, after all!
    And I second the shorter layers. My hair gets really flat at the top, but shorter layers along with clipping the roots and diffusing gives me more root volume.
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