Las Vegas: Dominican Design Salon

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So a few years ago I used to come on to CurlTalk and learned some amazing tips to manage by 3a/3b hair. I didn't remember my username from back then so I decided to create a new one just to talk about my little curly celebration of finally getting a good hair cut!

I haven't gotten my hair cut or trimmed in years. Firstly, I live in Minnesota where hardly anyone knows how to manage curly hair let alone cut it. Secondly, I am just too terrified of people cutting my curls and ruining them, mostly because when I ask for a dusting, they take off way more. As you can imagine, my hair then had some pretty bad split ends. My curls masked the split ends pretty well so I was able to get away without getting a hair cut for years.

However, last week I was on vacation in Las Vegas and I was getting really tired of my split ends so I worked up the courage to make an appointment at Dominican Design Salon on West Charleston Blvd. The owner herself does the styling and she had some pretty good reviews. I was kind of nervous because the only pictures in their gallery had been of women who had gotten a Dominican blowout, not their curls cut. But I decided to take the chance anyway.

When I arrived for my appointment, she asked me what I was looking for. I just told her I wanted a dusting and very light layers (I stressed I didn't want the triangle effect). She just nodded and started washing my hair. Before she made a single cut she showed me where she was going to trim and let me tell you, she definitely knew the meaning of a dusting! I was actually surprised and finally felt more at ease. So she trimmed, trimmed, trimmed. It took maybe ten minutes. The only thing I didn't care for was in the end, she put an anti-frizz oil in my hair that is meant for coarser hair that ended up making my hair look super oily and greasy by the time in dried. However, even with that oil, I could tell my hair was way more healthier than I had seen in years. It took me a couple days to finally be able to use my daily products (I had only brought a carry-on to Vegas and couldn't bring all my favorite products :() but I am extremely happy with how my hair came out! My hair looks and feels so much better and I can finally finger comb once again!

This may not be the perfect salon for everyone but if I ever go back to Sin City, I know this will be on my check-list again! :love7:


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    What is her name? I may check this place out.

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    sixelamy wrote: »
    What is her name? I may check this place out.

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    I believe her name was Maggie!

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