Fine, Frizzy Cherub Toddler Help?

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Hi Curlies!

I have a 2.5 year old with fine, thin, frizzy & curly hair. It's from her dad, my hair is Joni Mitchell straight, so I've been relying on friend advice to date. So far, I've been shampooing once a week with a sulfate free shampoo (California Baby), combing her hair out after a shower, and then applying coconut oil to the ends when it's dry to help with the frizz.

But, it's still growing quite slowly and the curls fall out by the end of the week (much to her distress, she loves her curls!)

Someone referred me to the curly girl book, which helped me identify her hair as cherub curls. I'd like to try the conditioner method in the book and am considering Shea Moisture's line based on advice on this site and its non-toxic profile.

Do folks think this would work, or would it weigh down her hair. Other product suggestions? Any advice to help her hair grow faster?

Thanks all for your thoughts.


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    IMHO, the SM products would be MUCH to heavy for her hair. It's too heavy for my hair, so I really don't think it would work for her. CA baby makes some other products that I've used. There's a spray that has protein and a gel. I'd try those first. Kinky Curly has a few products for children. I've only used the TT Moisturizing Styler. It's nice.

    Do you really need to wash her hair?? Could you co wash instead and only use a lowpoo when you really need it. If her hair is dry, you shouldn't be removing the oil.

    You could also make your own FSG or okra gel. If you search, there are a lot of recipes. That way, you know what's in the product. When I make it, I'll make a large batch and freeze it in smaller portions.
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    Suave and VO5 are nice light conditioners-start light

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