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so I have been a cg for a long time- I always kept it below my shoulders. but a month ago I choped it to a bob. Its a great cut- but i feel like my hair is wonky- like I don't know what to do anymore- and between the humidity thats starting on the east coast(NJ) I feel like I may just chop it off into a pixie. I just want to manage it - (I don't care if it grows out or not- 2-3" are fine- so thats not my focus.) B4 I chop I need advice from other 2c's

I actually always thought of my hair as 3a, but now that its short its more 2c- Its just gets BIG in this humidity- I have a lot of hair- and i am looking for products that will target that bigness- help with shine and definition. what do people think about Curl Queen here ? enough hold?

Im not trying to make them more curly or springy- just less boofy- if that makes sense- I don't have halo frizzy hair- I DC, use henna and oils.

so b4 I resort to chopping it all off- can someone tell me of 1 Gel that targets BIG hair and provide hold definition and shine. no cones. ( not crazy$$)
Or maybe some advice (abt hair oil and sealing/ order and such? I was thinking that might help since my hair likes oils.



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    Aussie Instant Freeze gel was my HG when I was doing the CG method on the cheap. It provides great hold, smells good and is around $3. It is really hard when you make a change like that... I cut mine to a bob once and ended up just growing right back out. I need the length to weigh down my curls a bit, but there are lots of fun things you can do with short curly hair if you can control it. :)
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    I think the key for the summer is using a gel without humectants. Using a leave-in underneath and sealing it with oil if necessary is also a good way to combat humidity (though better for more porous hair). When I had fine/low porosity hair, I didn't find I needed any leave-in conditioner, nor oil, but a great gel was Volumax Mega. I also liked using jellies like FSG.

    If you have coarse hair I would recommend a protein-free, glycerin/humectant-free gel for the summer.

    If you have high-porosity hair that tends to be dry, I would recommend using a rich leave-in conditioner and/or a bit of oil to seal your hair before adding your gel.

    Hope this helps.
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