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Hi there,
I've been lurking on here for several years, but have never posted before. My hair is mostly 2B with a straighter underlayer. Between some scalp issues that caused bald patches and early shifts I've been wearing my hair in a bun everyday for several years.

My routine has been to use a sulfate free shampoo and the matching conditioner (no specific brand). Then I use a cotton tshirt to towel dry my hair and tie it up out of the way while i do my face/brush teeth. At this point I take the t-shirt off and let it down to airdry during the drive to work. When I arrive I put it (still damp) into a bun using some Extra Hold hairspray to tame any frizzies. My picture is just before putting it up (Still in the car).

My scalp has healed enough that I don't have such noticeable bald patches anymore so I thought I'd try something new. About a week ago I went and got a Devacut (My first haircut in about 4 years!) and it looked awesome! The stylist used Deva products on me (No-Poo, One Condition and Light Defining Gel) and I bought these products to use at home.

My new routine (trying to copy what the stylist did) has been to wash just my scalp with the no-poo, run my fingers through with the one condition (not rinsed out) and then apply gel upside down, scrunch, clip the roots up and let air dry . (At this point she had put me under a dryer)

Here's my issues: I'm not used to using any products in my hair so when I try to do my hair it seems like i'm using an awful lot (about a toonie sized blob of gel for shoulder length hair)...until my hair dries and I try to scrunch it out. Then I have nice wavy/curly clumps on the ends but the rest of my hair is frizzy and stringy. And the top is very flat.

So here's my questions: roughly how much product do you use? Does this sound like the right amount and maybe I'm just not distributing it evenly? I'm getting a bit overwhelmed with threads on here since you all seem to be light years ahead of me.

If anyone is willing to share their routine or some good links for a product newbie that would be wonderful.

Thanks so much for reading my long rambling post! :)


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    Welcome! And I'm sorry to be the one to give you the most useless (but actually useful) pieces of advice: how much product you use is based on a combination how much your hair can handle and how you want your hair to look.

    For example, the SSM (Super Soaker Method) requires a **** ton of product for me. On the other hand, a baptism rinse is a little more forgiving, but if your hair is naturally dry may lead to a dry spell. There should be a stickied thread on the most popular curl clumping/washing methods. Note that there are also a lot of people that use products for which a little goes a long way to avoid copious amounts of product, so the amount really does depend on the product and how your hair reacts to it.

    On the frizz note, what kind of frizz is it, and where is it on your head? If it's consistently patchy, it's probably a result of not smoothing the product evenly throughout your hair.

    To deal with top flatness (i.e. create root volume), people generally a) plop, b) clip and dry c) diffuse/style upside down or d) some combination of the above.

    This is advice based on the assumption that you felt that Deva worked for your hair.
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    Sounds like you may need to clarify. Deva products can have a tendencies to cause people frizz due to the glycerin content used in high dews, or the polyquats in the products. The main complaint when having a polyquat "sensitivity" is frizz when your hair is wet (that of course stays when it's also dry). Also, if you have hard water, this can cause some buildup that would feel and look like what you are experiencing. What Deva products exactly are you using? I know the Set It Free made me feel like I put dirty plastic all over my hair.

    What hair spray are you using? Does it contain a silicone? What sulfate free shampoos were you using? Some sulfate free surfactants won't cleanse silicones out. Without knowing what you used beforehand, I can't really help too much - just the comments on the Deva products above.
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    Hello! Sounds like we have the same hair. 2b, straight under layer. Super annoying.

    I use a bunch of product. I have all the DevaCurl stuff but because I use so much I am trying for cheaper alternatives because I go through the stuff faster than I probably should (check out my blog, I write about my frustrations with this stuff all the time LOL)....

    A lot of this journey is experimenting with what works and what doesn't. I basically started with DevaCurl and didn't try ANYTHING else for like a year. And my hair was ok. But now, I'm branching out into other things and I'm really starting to learn my hair a little better... I use a mishmash of all kinds of stuff these days, though the Deva line is excellent. It's just expensive and I like to see what's out there.

    The ethnic aisle at the store will become your bff. A lot of silicone free, sulfate free, great smelling, often cheap alternatives!
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    Welcome! :love5:

    Now, I have never been to a salon that specializes in the usage of Deva products on their clients' hair. My experience with the Deva products that I have used have come by way of seeing instructional videos, and by the instructions provided on the products labels. When I did use the Deva products, I used them daily in my hair, so my curls were being freshly washed, conditioned and styled with the Deva products, and no matter how much I wanted these products to work for my hair, I just could not get great results from them. The more I used them, the more dried out my hair had become. I could never get a successful wash n go from using these products(Which I found that to be weird, since I can get a successful wash n go from many products out there on the market). But, not with the Deva products. My curls looked limp and undefined in most places, my curls were left feeling crunchy with very little movement to them, plus, it actually did nothing for frizz, but actually looked like it was causing frizz. Which is why, I came to realize that the Deva line truly was not the answer for my curls and I moved on. However, because results from person-to-person, with any line does vary, I truly cannot say whether the Deva line is completely the answer for your curls or not.

    My best recommendation would be to go back to the salon, and ask to speak with the stylist who did your hair (or any other possible stylist that may be able to provide you with help in regards to the issues that you are currently experiencing), so that he or she can properly aid you with being able to successfully re-create the results you received during your salon visit about a week ago. And, if that doesn't end up doing the trick for you, then I would totally recommend that you explore using other products on your hair instead.
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