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I have dyed my hair with body art quality henna for years. Last year, as a graduation present, my cosmetologist sister dyed my hair for me (it was gorgeous, as you can see in my avatar). This spring, the ombre was growing out and looking tired, so I asked her to take it back to it's previous color. I don't know why I didn't just use henna, but for some reason I didn't.

So she the used complete WRONG color. It's an almost brown auburn, darker than my natural light brown. It's a dull, extremely unflattering color for me. I hate it, and for whatever reason she has decided that she won't fix it. She claims that's what I asked for. Anyway, sister drama doesn't matter.

So I can't afford to go to a hairstylist (one I'm not related to, anyway) for color, and I just really miss the henna sheen anyway.

My problem is, I'm not sure the color will come out the vibrant red it was before. My current color isn't super dark, maybe a medium auburn. But it's darker than my virgin hair (which is what I previously dyed with henna that I loved so much).

So I'm not sure if the henna will be darker because of the hair dye, or if it turns out the same because of your natural hair color. I can't seem to find an answer to this question.

Is it worth it to wait to dye it with henna so I can have my hair stripped? I really can't afford it right now, and I am so tired of dealing with this disgusting hair color I have currently. Can I get rid of the henna color if it's not what I want with stripping later, or am I stuck with it until my hair grows out (which it's waist length, so that's difficult)?

That's another thing I'm worried about - my roots. Will my light brown roots be a much lighter shade of red than the rest of my hair? Is that fixable??

Ok, a lot of questions, I'm sorry. I've never dyed with henna over regular hair dye, so...

(Btw, I won't be using compound henna. I know that's bad with synthetic dyes. I have 100% body art quality henna)

2c/3a fluctuating hair

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    Your hair will have a copper shine in the light, but it won't be the same color as before. Henna always dyes darker and not lighter. Your roots will probably be a different color, but you can try some indigo with it to make it darker, as well as a few applications instead of just 1. You could go progressively lighter on each root application thereafter.

    It's hard to match box dye and henna, because they are of completely different compositions and colors. You can try, and if it doesn't work you can choose to grow it out like that or dye with box dye again. It's pretty much the same issue for anyone dying with box dye that wants to grow it out.
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    Could you maybe try something like color oops to get rid of the dye first? It's not very expensive, just smells bad, and will dry your hair out. For me, it was nothing a deep conditioning treatment or two couldn't fix. It would help take out the dye your sister did, and would get you back to a coppery color which you could then probably henna over and get something you like more.

    You could also try using harsher shampoos to try and fade the dye from your hair. I think Color Oops or Color Zap will be your best bet, as they actually shrink dye molecules so you can rinse them out of your hair.
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    I actually mixed Vitamin C and tea tree shampoo, and two applications did the trick for me!! Now my henna is a vibrant copper and I'm happy :) Thank you for all the help!!

    2c/3a fluctuating hair

    Dyed with 100% body art quality henna, Curly Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner, scrunched with coconut oil and Catwalk Curls Rock curl amplifier

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