Removing color without damaging hair?

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I was wondering if anyone has any advice on removing hair color in a way which is not damaging to hair? I would like to remove: semi-permanent blue dye, food coloring that I attempted to use as a toner, and a temporary toner that didn't work out (no judging please!).

(Theoretically, I have no problem with blue hair, but the problem is that the way it turned out, it looks more like straggly gray hair and looks like it belongs on a wig for a witch costume. It also strongly resembles mold.)

I have been no-shampoo for years and was loathe to use shampoo, but I finally broke down and bought one, as well as used dish soap and crushed vitamin C tablets (both of which I read about online). I also tried baking soda and coconut oil. However my hair is fragile, and I don't want to damage it any more. I have now just decided to shampoo it and then put conditioner and coconut oil on it afterwards in hopes that this will lift some of the dye and avoid drying out.

Any other suggestions?


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    Bump :)

    To continue the saga...I went to an (expensive) salon specializing in colour correction...and the stylist put a brown semi-permanent dye over it, which made it look a murky, muddy brown. I am now trying to lighten that - any suggestions?

    I did wash it about 3 times with clarifying shampoo, but I'd like to stop using shampoo again.
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    Why not get some subtle highlightes little by little to slowly lighten your hair?
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    I just got highlights yesterday in my lightening of box color journey uploadfromtaptalk1434307221777.jpg
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    Looks nice!
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    I'd like to go for highlights eventually, but I didn't really want to highlight on a colour that I didn't like.

    Anyway, I ended up layering magenta hair dye over it (using a DIY balayage technique I read about online) which resulted in a brown with a violet tinge - at least it has some character. My hair colour experiments do not usually work well so I hope this one will stay decent.

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