Hair texture is changing...

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I've always been obsessed with curly since the first time I watched Napoleon Dynamite. But unfortunately my hair was pin straight at that moment.

But now I've noticed how it starts getting wavy on the front, it sometimes even curl a little. I'm not sure but I think it's somewhere between 2A and 2B right now. I now realize that it creates a lot of struggles to your life too, it's not super easy to fix. But it doesn't curl on the back though. I'm a 17 y/o guy with medium short hair.

My siblings and both my parents have straight hair. My mom is finnish and her both parents have straight fine light hair. My dad's hair is a little thicker and his father has straight hair too but my dad's mom has pretty curly hair. (3B)

Now after I wash my hair it looks straight first when it's damp and then when it dries it starts to contract. It gets really annoying and frizzy if I don't condition it.

Since both my parents have straight hair, does this normally happen? Do you think it will change again? Anyone in a similiar situation?


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    Neither of my parents had straight hair (even though my mother is Asian), but I'd still like to add my two cents.
    Hair tends to change a lot, and for most people, they'll see a change every decade or so. There are a lot of people that start see curls upon puberty, or during those teenage years, and retain those curls through the rest of their life.
    There really is no magic formula (we can't tell you that you'll keep your curls because there are curls in your blood), but it's not unlikely that you'll keep your waves/curls, even if your parents were straighties. Genetics isn't quite that simple.
    As far as not seeing a curl pattern in some areas of your head... well, it happens to all of us. There are very, very, very few people that have a consistent curl pattern on all the areas of their head. If your hair is not curling at all wet, it's probably just on the finer side, with a more "fragile" wave.
    My hair was a solid fine/medium 3a-3b-ish curl until puberty, when it changed to a 3b/3c/4a coarse mixture, and now my new growth is slightly looser. Hair, specifically curly hair, can be a jack in the box sometimes.
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    i think your hair may become curly, straight, thin, . Many things can make hair change texture.

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