Our dog makes sense now, but...

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We were thinking Tango was a Cattle/Pit mix, but turns out I really think he's a Cattle/Ridgeback mix! The temperament makes SO much more sense!

What prompted me to really look into this was he attacked my cat this morning. In his defense, I think he thought he was playing. He had her pinned down on her back with his paw on her stomach. I freaked!!

He rarely ever listens to us when we tell him "leave it" to leave the cat alone. We usually have to manually go up to him and shoo or carry him away, it's getting really frustrating. It would be extremely easy for him to seriously injure my baby. I'm starting to take this a little bit more seriously now.

With a herding dog already in his blood, now he has a hunting dog in his blood. How the heck am I supposed to train him to stay away from her?? He's been much better in the recent days to obey us since we switched our tone to raising our voice to just "talking" commands. He listens a lot better - which us a characteristic of the Ridgeback breed. But he absolutely will not listen to us when it deals with the cat.

I had mentioned to my coworker about how his sister has hair that stands up on her back all the time. As soon as she showed me the picture of the breed, I flipped! It looks exactly like him! I was wondering where the heck he got his unusually long neck and body from.

What do you guys think? I don't have a picture of Tango standing like the Ridgeback, but he has that exact same body shape.

The Ridgeback is on the left.
Tango's sister and him in the middle when he was smaller. You can't really see the hair on her back, if you see that black line down her back, that's where it's at.
A couple of Tango on the right.

His other 3 siblings were all that color solid brown. The 1 other one was brindle like these two.

At any rate.. we really have our work cut out for us if he is a mix of these two breeds. I'll try to get a better picture of him standing.
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