3a/b, low porosity, coarse, dense hair

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Seeking hair twin! I've been CG for 5 years and have a pretty lengthy running list of things that work and things that don't.

What are your HG products and routine, an what doesn't work for you?


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    Does your hair tend toward oiliness or to dryness?
    Does it tend to frizz or to go limp? Do your curls tend to shrink naturally or to loosen a bit? Does your curl pattern tend to have a strong natural zig zag, have a strong natural spiral or have an open end requiring scrunching to coax more curl formation?
    My Routine:
    Coconut oil drench the night before I co-wash
    then cowash and deep condition each time w/ Keracare Humecto, Joico Moisture Recovery and/or ApHogee 2min
    then usually airdry
    Grapeseed oil nightly

    (no gel, mouse, or hair spray. My delicate, fine hair will tear if I even try to run my fingers through it with any of those. :angel9:)
    My go to leave ins are now: my regular conditioners listed above, gs oil, or PW77
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    It used to be dry on the ends and oily at the scalp but now it's pretty well controlled.
    It FRIZZES!! They shrink naturally, have both a zig zag and a spiral depending on the area. Plopping makes it frizz and breaks up the curl formation. Same with diffusing. It tends to need products with more control in order to hold any sort of definition. Kinky Curly Curling Custard is my favorite because it actually defines it but leaves it soft, but it causes a lot of flaking by the end of the day.
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    I just discovered the CG method a few months ago and am still learning my hair. I have figured out that I have 3A/Botticelli/Corkicelli type hair. It's still really short as I've been growing out a short faux hawk for about a year now. It about jaw length when dry and curly. I still have some of the damage to grow out from my last real hair cut (but not one for curly hair AT ALL) in January. I have had the ends of my curl units trimmed properly once by my Mum.

    My hair is course in texture and of medium density on the scalp. It is also medium-high porosity. It tends to frizz right now but I think that's due to some breakage problems and the old cut as well.

    I'm trying to find easy to get products, we have limited physically available options for stores and I am currently not ready to experiment with products purchased online. Or I need good recipes for DYI stuff as I'm willing to make that work. I would rather use products that are as natural as possible but will take what works right now.

    My biggest problem is finding a decent priced shampoo that doesn't make my hair feel like straw when I wash. I have removed sulphates from the equation and have tried to find things that are good for the scalp. I have a tendency towards an itchy scalp but I think the scalp massaging to cleanse is really helping.

    My hair does NOT like oils or anything too heavy though.

    Currently using the Ion brand found at Sally's. The shampoo is from the curl line and is pH balancing, the conditioner is the repair mask (I had a lot of breakage due to the straw like feeling), and their strong gel.

    My current routine is as follows. I have to do this daily as my hair will not stay in a style for sleeping and doesn't do second day curls well yet.

    1. Soak down hair thoroughly from the front in the shower.

    2. Apply a generous amount of shampoo to scalp and massage to cleanse. Rinse ASAP - This is the worst step. If I don't use enough shampoo it hurts to massage and is hard to get properly clean but if I use too much my hair feel extra awful. I don't know if I should try what they call "co-washing" or if I should maybe try a cleansing conditioner but I have NO clue on where to start on that subject.

    3. Apply generous amount of conditioner to the canopy of hair and then use my favorite wide toothed comb to evenly distribute.

    4. Pump water into my curls upside down. I lean forward in the shower and let water run down my back into my hair. I catch and gently squish water into my hair without washing out the conditioner. I can feel my curls juicing up and forming units better because of this step. I leave my hair like this while I do my other shower things like shave, occasionally feeling for dry/ less pumped sections and add water if need as I go. Rinse from the front, do not remove excess water.

    5. Upside down and to soaking wet hair, I spread gel into palm and fingers, I "ice" (spread with open palm) and "rake" (gently run my fingers between curl units) to help cover most of the hair. Then I gently scrunch to even distribute the gel. I then scrunch out excess moisture and product.

    6. Scrunch more moisture with my microfibre (Aquis brand) towel.

    7. Stand up and shake into place, air dry to finish.

    I hate fiddling with products and supplies too much so I don't clip or plop. Very wash and go style for me.

    Hopefully you can give me some great advice! Any ideas would be very much appreciated.


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