Please help with my trifecta: course, dry, frizzy

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Hi curlies and wavies! (Ignore my spelling error in the title please!) As my title says, I'm battling those things and really trying to figure out how to moisturize and care for my waves/curls better. All my hair info is in my signature and I'm trying an array of products with a few new products noted that I'm about to try out. My biggest issues with products are finding things low in coconut oil and with little to no protein due to my coarse texture, although a couple of my products do have coconut oil (I use them sparingly).

I am considering deep conditioners and perhaps oil treatments or oil as a sealant (like the LOC method), but I was hoping for some advice based on my hair type for these treatments. I've done a couple of oil pre-poos with olive oil, which seems to be okay. I'm working on both low-poo and alternately cowashing, although last week my scalp got really itchy after using V05 strawberries and cream conditioner (could have been product buildup or this new product, not sure).

I have halo frizz almost always and have to give TLC to my ends (especially around my face) from the heat damage, although I may get a snip soon to help a bit there. Thanks in advance for any advice!
2a-2c, mostly coarse, low porosity roots/normal shaft/high ends (heat damage), normal dry/low wet elasticity, low to normal density (GoosefootPrints)

LP: Yes to Cucumbers
NP: Suave naturals coconut, TJ TTT condish (new)
RO: Devacurl one, GVP conditioning balm, Yes to Coconuts (occasionally as squish to condish)
LI: Giovanni Direct, KCKT (new)
Stylers: KCCC (new), HE totally twisted, LAL mega mega, Deva Ultra Defining (new)
Hair dislikes: protein and high doses of coconut oil

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