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Has anyone done Beachbody's Focus T25? I'd love to hear results. My sister and I are both going to do it. We are both letting our gray grow in and I told her I need to get in better shape if I'm gonna rock the gray! I've actually worked out since I was about 16 (I'm 52) but in the last year I've had a lot of issues w/a hip surgery gone bad. I was a runner for 20 years (hence the hip issue) and have been a cyclist for about 13 years, which mostly doesn't bother my hip. But honestly I've been kinda lazy this past year. I still exercise but more intermittently than normal. And I've probably gained about 12 pounds. In one year! Good grief!

I have Insanity but can only do it here and there b/c of my hip. And I love Insanity! I have a bazillion Beachbody programs (I'm a Beachbody coach but only b/c of the discounts I get and it pays for my Shakeology which my husband and I LOVE...but I'm a sucky salesperson so I don't do it for that!). My other recent favorite is Les Mills Pump. I waited so long to get it b/c I had shoulder surgery (yup, from working out again, lifting through an injury) and I was afraid all the overhead presses would be bad, not to mention the squats with my hip. But nope. It's great. And super fun. But I have exercise ADD so I can't stick to anything for too long and have never completed an entire Beachbody program ever. So finishing T25 is a big goal for me! And only 25 minutes a day. I figure I can even do it on ride days.

Anyway, I took before pictures (which are always so shocking...I mean, what did I think eating Pop Tarts every night would do???!!!) and I'll take after pictures too. I'll report on how it goes. Of course if I don't clean up my eating I imagine it won't go anywhere. But I will. :)
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    I don't know if I'll be much help, but your phrase "exercise ADD" caught my attention and I thought I'd chime in, for what it's worth!

    In addition to the ADD (I'm also officially diagnosed), I've struggled with various physical problems (chronic fatigue, pain, etc) since I was a youngster. I joke that the only FIT thing about me is my car (a Honda FIT, of course, ha ha, except it's not that funny). You and I are close in age, but you're definitely far more fit than I am, even with your recent hip issues.

    A few years ago, I had a decent month-long run doing Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred, and as an exercise newbie, I liked it. Especially the quick changing from one exercise to another. Then, I went through breast cancer diagnosis/surgeries including ovaries removed and am now on lifelong estrogen suppression. My weight stayed surprisingly steady for the first couple years after, but in the past year.... well, let's just say I envy you your 12 pounds!

    So long story even longer..... I recently ordered the T25 Alpha and Beta set off of eBay. I modify pretty much every move (I have joint pain everywhere) either following their recommendations or substituting for what I know I can do. This is very doable, and I still get what I feel is a good workout.

    Best of all - what my ADD and I really love - is the timer that is always in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. So awesome! I don't know if the beachbody DVDs have this feature, but I love it.

    I'm in my own "insanity workout" mode at work, but I'm glad to have these DVDs for when my schedule settles back down.

    I hope you'll keep us posted - would love to hear about your (and your sister's) progress!

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    I've done the T25 workout. It definitely kicked my butt that first week lol. I did the modified version until my body adjusted but it is an amazing workout. I'm actually thinking of taking it back up myself.

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