Flax seed and gelatin gel recipes

I'm going to make some flax seed gel tonight and was just wanting some more recipe ideas. So if yall could post some of your favorite recipes it would help give me some ideas. I'm planning on adding aloe and gelatin and olive oil or jojoba. I was also thinking about making it in coconut milk.


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    On this page:
    Science-y Hair Blog: Recipes and Projects
    There is a recipe for flaxseed/aloe gel with protein. Under "other proteins" they have directions for adding gelatin.

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    I boiled mine in 1 cup water and 1 cup aloe "gel" but my aloe gel is the kind that has to be refrigerated and is a very liquid consistency. I added a couple drops of olive oil and coconut oil.
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    Might i mention I did not like it at all...
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    The recipe I use is super basic; oils rob my hair of their curls (too heavy for me) and I've never figured out whether or not aloe was doing anything for it, so I keep it out of the big batch.

    1/4 c. flax seed
    2 c. water

    I boil the heck out of it - a good 8-10 minutes and I let it get pretty goopy. I like a really thick FSG.

    In the meantime I take 3/4 tsp. Knox gelatin powder and dissolve it in 1-2 Tbsp. water that has a splash of apple cider vinegar.

    Once I strain the FSG I will add my gelatin and blend the whole thing up with a hand mixer or a stick blender. This recipe works like a charm for me. If I want to add AVG to it I will usually do this to an ice cube of FSG that I've defrosted.

    I still need a hard hold product over it. If you like aloe, you could also try using aloe vera juice instead of half of your water for boiling the flax seeds in.
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