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I have two boys ages 1 and 3. I'm just looking for a recommendation for a product to style their hair when we want to do something a little different. Their hair isn't poker straight (I have 3B/C corkicellis). They have a beautiful soft wave to their hair when it grows a little length. But I haven't been here in a while & was hoping for some product suggestions for boys with a light wave to their hair.
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    Honestly, I haven't seen any products specifically designed for boys besides Shea Moisture's line. It comes with a dark blue label (and I think is actually designed for men). But I know SM makes a line for children and there are a couple other kids' lines you might want to check out. They tend to be gentler then the regular ones. Go onto CurlMart and check out the Fuzzy Duck line (can't remember the company).

    Hope that helps!
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    I use whatever gel I have on my son's hair and it all has worked just fine. Although we cut his hair in a short fade every few months it gets some waves and curls as it grows and he likes it "flat and curved" lol. He likes it comed down and to the side on his forehead kinda hipster like. Which is weird I've tried spiking it since he was a toddler and he would always freak out and get a brush to flatten it back out.
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    Because usually youngsters hair is really really fine, maybe look into something like the Ouidad Kids spray gel, super light, frizz fighting. Spray and go. Or if you have something like CIAB on hand, you could thin that in a bottle and spritz on, or if their hair isn't that fine, use as is. Do they have any specific hair issues? Frizz? Dry hair?
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    My son is 6 and his hair is pretty coarse. It was only fine the first year of his life.. lol.

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