Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

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Has anyone purchased this Aubrey's product recently? It smells like urine and Log Cabin syrup mixed together and it's all liquidy. What happened to my spicy thick conditioner that moisturized my hair? It horrible!! It's completely different than the old one...and different than the new old one. (I swear they changed the formula twice.)

Yes, I know this is not the hair board! Forgive...forgive....


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    Never tried it before but it sounds like it should smell lovely. Urine and Log Cabin syup though...oy vey :lol:
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    Yuck. I used to buy this all the time when my hair was long, but I haven't bought any since last summer. Is it possible you got a bad batch? Where'd you buy it?
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    Whole Foods. I took it back and brought an old bottle with me and the customer service person couldn't believe the difference! Luckily, she refunded my money.