Indian Hair Journey

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Hi All,
Two years ago i came across the CG method. I have 2b/c type indian hair and most of my adult journey has been to tame down my curly hair with every method under the sun. I was never taught how to embrace my curls and how to manage it. So two years ago I came across the method and tried it and failed miserably because of all the relaxing I had done over the years. It was a mess. So for the past 2 years I have not relaxed or chemically dyed my hair. I have used henna, indigo and amla to condition. Now my whole head is my own hair:) and I started the CG journey 1 month ago.

A few things I wanted to share :
I am using the Devacurl range but find that when my hair is having a bit of build up I use Soap nut to cleanse. I soak a few soap nuts overnight and use the water to wash my hair
I use an amla, henna, fenugreek, hibiscus pack once a week to condition my hair. I have low porosity hair so this pack works well.

Problems I am facing,
I am using the devacurl light gel but sometimes it lack defination. I dont want a product that causes crunch... can anyone recommend a good defining gel that doenst have a crunch to it? I am using a mouse but the crunch is so bad... dont know how to deal with that. I live in Malaysia and cant get many of the great product available :( so have to make do with whatever I can get
Diffuser, was wondering if i should get the Devafuser, how has your experience been with it? it is quite an investment so I really want to be sure.


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