Camille Rose Naturals and/or CURLS products on 4a/b hair??

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I've been really curious about trying products from these companies lately, however both companies are a bit on the pricey side, at least for my budget, and I've done some research on how well they work for Type 4 hair (specifically 4a/b) but I thought I'd also ask here just to get some extra insight. If you've got 4a/b hair, or know someone who does & have used products from either or both Camille Rose Naturals and CURLS, I'd greatly appreciate it if you could tell me which products you used & what your experiences with them were.


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    I just tried the almond jai butter.
    Dried my hair out to the next dimension.
    I used it with just water and the product and got those same dry results.
    Apparently the old formula was really good and moisturizing.
    Now for the curls products, their crime brulee smelled like cake.
    I can't remember what it did to my hair.
    The almond jai did too.
    Look at the ingredients for both before making your decision.
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    I really like the Fresh Curl and Curl Marker.
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    I think it goes beyond hair type and ask what kinds of ingredients and product consistency your hair likes. my hair is protein sensitive. Keep in mind Curls has several lines and a company rep told me the formulations in retail outlets are very dif from pro line. In retail, I tried creme brulee, paste, and culada conditioner all of which I liked. the pro line I haven't tried but there is a 40% off sale through mother's day.

    Curls also has a line marketed to type 4. I didn't like the gel. flaked bad for me. Natural Hair Care Products | Transitioning to Kinky Hair
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    I definitely agree with adthomas- this question should extend beyond curl type.

    That being said, I've used both the professional and retail lines of the Curls products on my 3C/4A, fine textured, low porosity, low density hair. What I like most about them is that they are light on oil and higher in humectants which my hair likes/needs. It can get pricey though which is why I don't use their stuff as much anymore. I found alternatives when job loss forced me to find them. I LOVE the creamy curl cleanser low poo and the conditioner from both lines. I just got a bottle of the curl gel-esc for the first time since I really figured out my hair properties and it was just ok. It gives me some definition alone, and keeps my hair super soft- all of their products did this for my hair even when I was transitioning. The super softness with no crunch is what made it just ok for me, and I did like it when I used it to freshen wonky areas on second/third day hair instead of first day hair. I don't mind getting crunch that I can scrunch out with stylers now because it means my curls look better for longer between washes even if I pull it into a loose ponytail. (A lot of that ponytail ability I attribute to finding my protein balance too though.) I did also like the super soft feeling it gave my hair before I knew my properties, but what I want has changed.

    I do want to get some of the champagne and caviar oil to use if I decide to straighten- it was awesome on my transitioning hair with both textures so I'm curious to see how it does now.

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    I got the opposite affect of Afromuffin with the Almond Jai Butter. My hair was very soft and moisturized for a few days using this product. I did use it as the C in the LOC method on top of the Coconut Water Leave in and my oil mixture. It also worked just fine for me with only water under it.

    The products I tried with Curls were the Whipped Cream and the Curl Souffle. Like Lolo918 said they do have glycerin and other humectant, and my hair can't tolerate them. Quenched Curls Moisturizer was also a no go. Dried my hair out something fierce. I haven't tried the Target line yet, but I'm a little hesitant.

    For my hair the Camille Rose wins as far as stylers.
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    I just wanted to let the OP know that just because a person may categorize their hair as being in the Type 4 category such, as yourself, what may work best for you, may certainly not work the same for others in the same category. As, everyone's hair is genetically different, which means that results amongst individuals when it comes to products used in the hair, results will certainly vary. Therefore,with any product, you are taking a risk. Which is why, I always highly recommend making sure to check out a store or company's refund & exchange policy very well. So, that way, you will know what your options are just in case a product doesn't work for you.

    I have naturally dry, 3b, low density, high porosity curls, that are a mix of both fine and medium textures. I used to use the CURLS professional products for quite some time. I have used almost every product they have in their line. I can honestly say that the things that made me stop using the line, were due to their high price increase, product formulation changes & even product discontinuations that would happen on a whim, without the company first notifying consumers of such. I found their styling creams Curl Soufle and Whipped Cream to leave my curls greasy on top, yet dry underneath, with noticeable shrinkage to them. I find the Curls Milkshake to be a confusing product(as I don't find it to be a good leave in or styler), as it doesn't provide my curls with much moisture at all, it does provide some definition to my curls, along with a soft hold, however, it is certainly lacking when it comes to frizz control and I get lots of shrinkage with it. Their Champagne Caviar Curl Elixir didn't provide my hair and scalp with any better results than using coconut on my hair and scalp does. Their Quenched Curls Moisturizer definitely needs a better spray top to it, as I have never been a fan of the one that it comes with. It doesn't do anything for frizz, would leave a residue to my curls, and it never provided any level of long-lasting moisturization to my curls either. Their now discontinued styling gel (Curls Goddess Glaze) had smelled like glue to me, and wasn't any better than a much cheaper drugstore gel, in my opinion. And, Curl Geles'c, I found to not be moisturizing to my curls at all, however, it did provide all day hold to my curls, along with a level if definition, but just like with the other Curls stylers, I got quite a lot of shrinkage from it.

    Their Pure Curls Clarifying Shampoo was very drying to my hair. I also found their Cleansing Cream to leave my curls feeling dry after I'd use it. Their conditioners don't provide my curls with lots of slip or moisture at all. And, overall, I do find the scents to the products to be on the strong side as well.

    I have tried their Creamy Curl cleanser, Coconut Curlada conditioner, Lavish Curls spray moisturizer, and Passion Fruit Curl Control paste from their retail line. The only product that truly wowed me is the Curl Control paste. As, it is the only Curls product that I will continue to buy.

    When it comes to the CRN line, it happens to be one of my top favorite haircare brands. I have had success with every product that I have tried from their line, and definitely will continue to stick with this line as long as the products continue to work well for my hair. And, I must say, I definitely find the scents of CRN products to smell better than the Curls products overall as well.
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    I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!

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