dallas/forth worth area stylist for a trim

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I live in Oklahoma but am willing to travel to the DFW area to get a trim. I think my hair is in the 4's I don't know for certain because hair typing never interested me. I really just want my ends trimmed by someone that will leave my length, not be scissor happy,& listen to my concerns. when I wash my hair I wash it in sections because it gets really tangled & matted. I do not wear wash n go's because that style does not work for me. When I do wear my hair down its from a twist out.
could you all please recommend salons in the DFW that I can go to for a trim that has worked with type 4 hair?
If you have any Oklahoma recommendations that would be great too.



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    I was seeing a Deva trained stylist in Fort Worth but she is no longer cutting hair. I switched to a stylist in Dallas, Kim Proctor. She is the owner/operator of The Loft. She is not Deva trained but she herself has super, super curly hair and has done a very good job with my hair. The salon number is 214/528-5885.
    Warning - she does not follow any of the curly hair standard cutting approaches. She washes, then cuts, she uses a brush on it, etc. But the cuts have been great. I just ask her to rerinse my hair when she is done, ask her to please rinse in cold and leave me with a few towels to take care of it on my own. She will just put her basket of products on the counter and tell me to use whatever I need. Sometimes I have used a dryer to dry and sometimes I have just left wet after scrunching.
    So if you are looking for a whole Deva type approach she is not it. But if you are looking for a good cut for your hair then you can't go wrong with her.

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