Biracial toddler

PuertoRicanmomPuertoRicanmom Posts: 2Registered Users
New one here. I have a 1/2 Puerto Rican 1/2 black 2 year princess. I believe her hair type is a 4C. I need help on how to take care of her hair. Any advice would be great!
Thanks all!


  • AfromuffinAfromuffin Posts: 158Registered Users
    Her hair is beautiful, seems like you're taking good care of it.
    I would focus on her porosity and her density of her strands when choosing products.
    For styles if you don't want to manipulate it too much, keep it in twists, not too tight.
    I would look up products based on the characteristics of her hair like I mentioned before.
    Trial and error also plays a role too, so pay attention to the ingredients of a product and see if her hair likes it.
  • AfromuffinAfromuffin Posts: 158Registered Users
    Also, natural hair doesn't need to be expensive.
    There's sales on shea moisture at cvs and ulta. You can also buy cheap products like vo5 and Aussie moist to play around with before moving on to more expensive products.
    I use Cantu shea butter leave in for my hair, and I like it because it can be a styler, deep conditioner or leave in. I dont use too much just a dime or quarter size on each section
    . I have tight coils with some curls with a cottony texture with medium strands. Oils can be found at the grocery store. I think seeing how certain oils react on her hair is important,and they can better help you choose products. For example,my hair hates straight coconut oil. So i avoid products where thats the main ingredient being advertised.
  • AfromuffinAfromuffin Posts: 158Registered Users
    I like castor oil and shea butter on my hair.
    Make sure you look up the brands of products and look at the reviews.
    Some people stray away from mineral oil or petroleum, but it's trial and error. You may like ingredients that are all natural.
    If you do, naptual has videos of her Shea butter recipe and flaxseed gel and also clay wash. There's also other oil or butter alternatives is she doesnt like Shea butter, such as mango butter.

    A lot of the information I said could be found online, so YouTube and Google are very helpful.
  • PuertoRicanmomPuertoRicanmom Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thank you so much for all the advice. Her hair is well taken care of. I just want to keep it naturally healthy since she's so young. I'll look into the products you mentioned. I purchased the leave in conditioner by Mixed Chicks today so we'll see how that works.
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    Not trying to offend you or anything...but what race are you? Are you black or part black yourself? If so your child technically is not biracial. Maybe bicultural, but not biracial.
    I just want to make that clear because most blacks don't really consider puerto rican a race but a nationality.

    Third, i understand you are asking for help on how to do your daughters hair, but it looks just fine. What exactly do you need to know?
  • scrillsscrills Posts: 6,700Registered Users
    What's your current hair routine for her? Do you have any closer up shots of her hair?

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