2c/3a Hair Routine Help

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I really need some advice. I tried to go CG 5 years ago and gave up. I know that it takes time and trial and error, but I really need support and help. I had a hair analysis done, so I can give you quite a bit of info about my hair. What seems to work for a couple of days, stops working. It's frustrating. I think I am sensitive to glycerin, but don't know. Curl Keeper makes my hair look amazing, but feel super gritty and dirty when wet. Same with Garnier Pure Clean Gel. It looks great, but feels horrible when wet and both coat my hair after a couple of uses. Do you guys think it's the glycerin?! I am staying away from silicones so that I don't have to use sulfates. I would like to use products I don't have to order online. I am a cosmetologist so I do have access to professional products for a low cost.

- Low Porosity roots, High porosity mid-shaft/ends
- Hair Strain Thickness: Mainly medium
- Hair Elasticity: Normal - Dry, Wet - Very Low
- 2c/3a gets weighed down easily
- Although I have tons of hair, it is very low density, meaning my pony tail is only the size of a nickel. :(

I have to wet/style my hair everyday as I sweat a lot during my daily workouts and don't feel clean if I don't at least wet my hair in the shower.

Current Try-out routine:
- Deva Care Low Poo twice a week
- Co-wash: Suave Coconut
- Rinse Out: Shea Moisture Retention
(This area seems to work pretty well)

- Leave-in: Deva Care One Condition OR Shea Moisture Style Milk
- Curl Enhancer: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
- Hard Hold Gel: LA Sports (Would love to find a substitute as I don't use products with parabens)

After a week of this routine, I am already starting to have weighed down hair.
Some days it looks great, other days it doesn't. Any help here would be appreciated!!


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    It definitely is a trial and error process! Sounds like you're doing all you can. The only thing I can think of is dew points? Are you taking dew points into consideration when choosing the products you will use? Also, application method? Finding the right application method can work wonders!
  • debrocdebroc Registered Users Posts: 20
    Yeah, I have messed around with application methods, I have never looked into dew points!

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