Portland Oregon peeps: highly recommend Courtney Gomia

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I had the best stylist experience of my life recently (not exaggerating) and wanted to give a heads up to Portland area peeps – if you're looking for a stylist I highly recommend Courtney Gomia. Here's the review I wrote for her:
Short version: Courtney cut my voluminous mass of 3c (tight, kinky curls) with expert skill and when I left the salon, I wanted to tour Portland, showing off her handiwork – I recommend Courtney with my whole heart. Go to her. Go now.

Long version: It took me a year to find Courtney after I moved to Oregon from Arizona. I'm 35 years old; I have several different hair types (3b/c/?) co-existing on my head reflecting my diverse heritage; and, I have a tremendous amount of hair. By the time I went to see Courtney, I had been growing my hair out for over a year – there was a lot of hair for her to contend with and yet she did so with ease.

I've never, ever had such a positive hair experience.

In prior years, after getting a haircut, I'd run to my car and zoom home because I'd never want to be seen by the public.​ But with Courtney, I wanted to parade around like a peacock – my hair looked amazing. That has just plum never happened to me before.

I have gone to stylists who claim to know curly hair but really have no clue at cutting anything beyond loose type curl patterns (2b/c) – for lack of a better phrase "white-girl curls".

Courtney asked all the right questions to assess my hair goals and explained thoroughly her approach before cutting my hair dry.

She was meticulous. It took two hours total to cut my hair, non-stop. She was attentive to every single curl pattern on my head.

Then she colored my hair with delicious, caramel-y highlights.

Then she styled my hair with DevaCurl products.

And now I'm a new woman.

I'm so grateful I found Courtney – I recommend her without hesitation.

You can view her gallery on Yelp – search for Grateful Heads Hair and Curls under Portland, Oregon

Contact: Courtney Gomia \\ courtney [at] curltivator.com

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