ignorant mother of mixed race child

So this girl I know has a baby daughter who is mixed black and white...herself white and quarter black made some comments I found ignorant. She was talking about her daughters hair being curly and someone said her hair is more on the Afro curly side and she got so offended saying no its not I don't want her hair afro. Being mixed race myself I have dealt with lots of comments about how I look . Like its my fault for being born with white skin and blue eyes and having the 'wrong' texture hair but that's another story lol

I was shocked by it cos the mother has black in her is well do should know better

No wonder confidence levels are low when your own parent cannot accept the fact you have 'Afro' hair and takes it as an insult.:-(


  • GlamourstruckkGlamourstruckk Posts: 312Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I was at work and this lady was talking about how her son had the good hair and her daughter had "the other kind of hair." These are mixed race kids. It took me by surprise because I'm not used to hearing non blacks use those terms.

    It also bothered me that she didn't realize that care can change anyone's hair. My coworkers think my hair is so nice but I grew up stressing out hair dressers and breaking combs.

    I learned how to manage and style my hair and now folks are talking to me about OTHER folks with bad hair. smh.


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    Yes, that was pretty ignorant. Unfortunately some people still do not think that "afro" hair is attractive. Coming from someone with type 4c hair, our hair is gorgeous and can be managed with proper care. Hopefully she changes her attitude for the sake of her daughter.
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    Yes hopefully when her daughter is old enough to understand she won't be stupid enough to make them type of comments in front of her at least
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    To me it seems mothers in general are never happy with what we do to our hair. I know so many mothers who always express unhappiness with daughters' hair. Why IS this?? My own never was happy with mine. Is this some weird preservation instinct thing or something? Seriously, I cannot say I know hardly any mother of my acquaintance who wasn't critical of their daughter's hair.
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    That is so unfortunate and damaging to the child... When I went curly (after years of thinking my hair was straight), my mother gave me so much crap about how high maintenance it was. My whole family, in fact, teased me about it. I am now engaged to a biracial man and I clearly remember a conversation I had with my mother about how our kids would have that "weird" hair. I responded, "No, actually they'll just have hair."

    Yeah, I don't know if it's a generational thing or a media thing but it is frustrating!!!!!
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    ...is "the other kind of hair" some kind of a code for "afro" hair?

    I admit I'm kinda ignorant, since we don't have much racial diversity where I'm from...
  • GlamourstruckkGlamourstruckk Posts: 312Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Dracelin wrote: »
    ...is "the other kind of hair" some kind of a code for "afro" hair?

    I admit I'm kinda ignorant, since we don't have much racial diversity where I'm from...

    She was referring to it as "bad" hair (tighter curls, not silky, may be difficult to manage) but I suppose she didn't want to use that exact term. She felt that her son had "good" hair.


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