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Hi folks
I have always brushed my curly hair I used to be 2b/c I'm now 2A (heat damage I've tried to upload a pic of my current hair (not sure how) I find if I brush my hair its goes frizzy and puffy almost like the hair strands swell. If I put it half up you can see a wave and kink to the hair. Should I stop brushing my hair will this encourage more curls to take shape. I find when I wake In the morning it does look more "Wavey" but if has that you need to brush your hair look please post some advice ill try and upload a pic
L x


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    If you want curls you can't brush other wise it breaks them up. I only finger detangle in the shower and that will be the last time my hair gets de tangled until the next shower. Finger detangling and combing with a wide tooth while your hair is soaking wet w/ conditioner doesn't break up your curls the same way as brushing when your hair is dry does. If you want more curls stop brushing. Also if you haven't already look into using a protein treatment to help bring your curls back. When I went CG adding moistur back into my hair only did so much for me because it needed protein since I really damaged it. If your hair is severely damaged protein might not be enough to bring back its curly.
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    I'm learning so much from this amazing forum and site. I'm going to stop the brushing I found a really good article about careing for your wave's. Going to use these tips and see how I get on :)
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    Hi Leley! Your hair looks really similar to mine! I "think" I am a 2A, but I used to straighten my hair constantly, since I was a teen so I could actually be curlier than that, I really don't know. I did grow out most of my heat damage at one point... and then started to straighten again for a few months, and then stopped again. I did feel it was wavier before I started straightening again though.

    I totally understand the whole detangling thing... wavy hair is really difficult to deal with because it can have the whole unkept look if you don't comb it, or it can go crazy frizzy if you do comb it. What changed my life was buying a silk/satin bonnet for sleeping and microfiber towels! Only finger comb, and use a good leave in that hopefully won't weigh your hair down too much. You could also try a protein treatment, athough it can be a little tricky finding out which ones work for you. Like for example, my hair loves film forming proteins like hydrolyzed wheat, but it hates oat protein which is both a film former and a penetrator. Film formers help your hair feel smooth and not rub against each other and help to heal the hair shaft a bit.

    I don't know if you co wash, but I just started doing that this week and it is totally amazing!! I always thought that it would weigh my hair down or make it greasy but it just makes it so easy to manage and sooo soft that detangling with my fingers has become stupidly easy. I barely even have to do it now, and I haven't touched a comb or brush for a week :D Hope that helps!

    I'm new here so I can't really offer too much advice, sorry hun! I hope someone else can give a better answer ^^
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    Yes, DEFINITELY stop brushing your hair! My hair is way too thick for finger combing to work, but a very wide-toothed shower comb works magic, and I ONLY comb it when it's wet and abolutely saturated in conditioner. So much more curl definition and less breakage than when I brushed it dry.
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    Yep, don't brush your hair. If you need a refresher in the morning, you can spritz with a mixture of water/conditioner or kind of "pat" it on with your hands, but cupping some water and gently squeezing it into your hair. I like to wet my hands and emulsify some conditioner in them and then scrunch my hair. This will encourage the wave to form again, as well as take care of messy/frizzy spots. Only detangle in the shower with conditioner, or after spritzing hair to wet and applying a small amount of conditioner.
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    I'm just echoing what everyone already said; don't brush dry hair. Only detangle while slopped in conditioner in the shower (or slopped with oil before getting into the shower). Apply your hair products to sopping wet, wet or damp hair... but after you've applied products... don't touch your hair and no brushing! Let it dry naturally or with a diffuser, being careful not to break up the clumps.
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