3a-3b seeks sulfate-free co-wash avail. at ave. stores

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I'm a 3a to 3b (I'm very pale w/ about 1" around corkscrews)--I thought I'd never see my curls again after moving to the desert (I grew up in an area w/ 100% humidity year round--paradise!) So for nearly 20 yrs my hair's been only moderately wavy and *only* just after washing it--then it's straight...as well as being dry, breakable, tangle-prone...miserable. No amount of various conditioners or after-wash products made any difference.

After years of trying different products/techniques there was no way I could justify spending so much on Wen, so I tried L'Oreal ever curl hydrocharge co-wash and it worked (yeah!) for about 6 months until now, when I can't find it anywhere. Sulfate-free was wonderful while it lasted... (L'Oreal's sulfate-free ever curl hydrocharge shampoo and conditioner just doesn't work at all.)

I'm looking for a sulfate-free co-wash suitable to 3a - 3b that's readily available at stores. So far, w/i a15 mile range, I've found Redpure Pomegranate or Rosemary/Mint co-wash, Eden Coconut/Shea co-wash and AsIAm Coconut co-wash and Herbal Essences Naked Cleaning Conditioner.

Suggestions? Recommendations?

Thanks so much!


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    I just started with CG, but my mom has been doing it for a few years now. For a co-wash she uses Suave Naturals conditioner to cleanse before using a different rinse-out conditioner in her hair. She can get a huge bottle of it for just a few bucks.

    I've also purchased the As I Am Coconut CoWash that you mentioned from Target recently. :)
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    As I am is a favorite of mine. I like how it makes my hair just feel better after I use it. Another fav is Sauve coconut conditioner which I used not only to cowash but also as a leave in after my rinse out.
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    Nubian Heritage's Indian Hemp & Tamanu Co Wash is truly awesome! It is sold at CVS stores, I am not sure if it is sold at all CVS stores at this time or only select ones. However, you can always check at your local CVS store, to see if it's carried there. It can be found in the area where there sell the ethnic haircare products, by the way. It is truly one of the best co washes that I have ever tried!
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    I'm not sure if it's available where you are, but if you ever see Timoteí Organic Delight, I'd give that a go. I really like it. Both shampoo and conditioner cost less than €2.

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