product overload led to happy hair

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I was in a real hurry the other day and wasn't really paying attention to how I was adding my products.

I had plopped for twice as long as usual while dressing and then put in my Curl Keeper. I had forgotten to put in my AG:Recoil in the shower so I was worried I wouldn't get good curl hold, but it was too late. I have to distribute that through soaking wet hair.

So anyway, I thought"well I'll just have to do with the Curl Keeper original and my Curl Keeper Gel".

so I squeezed out about 3-4 times the amount of CK Gel than I normally use and squished it all through my hair. It felt and looked really gross and I was so worried about it drying in gross clumps and residue etc. But I had to just go with it.

So, with my hair being in big sticky globs, I applied my diffuser upside down....after about 10 mins of drying, I checked to see how sticky and gross my hair would be and guess what? Mostly dry and not sticky at all!!! So 5 more minutes and my hair was 80% dry which is my max with a dryer. I flipped upright and checked the mirror and my hair looked great! Good definition, not wet looking (I sometimes get that with CK original alone) and best of all I just knew the curl would hold.

Fast forward 4 days, and my hair was still in good shape enough to wear it down with side combs to keep it out of my face. I never get good 4-5 day hair, EVER!

So I tried the experiment again 4 days ago, same routine all over again and my hair is behaving exactly the same!!

I'm thrilled because it seems I have been able to simplify my routine, use fewer products, drying time is much faster and my good hair days are at least doubled!

Now, all I need to do is a moisture treatment beforehand to make sure my hair doesn't dry out too much.

Hope this is useful to somebody else who uses CK products.

CK original + CK Gel are my new routine for a while I think!
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  • CurlsnswirlsCurlsnswirls Registered Users Posts: 865 Curl Neophyte
    Thanks for sharing! I've used ck for years and one thing I love about it is that I never get buildup or flakes. I can never over do it either. I don't have their gel but might try this with another gel. I received a sample of the new styling cream with my last curlmart order so I'm anxious to try it out.
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    Last time I washed my hair I used more product and put it through more of my hair rather than just scrunching at the ends. I woke up with 2nd day hair and my first day hair had soooo much more shrinkage and consistent curl pattern. I hadn't realized how long my hair had gotten and how much more product I should be using. I think you're onto something Ondulee. :)

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    I haven't heard much about ck gel but now I'm interested. Is it exactly like ck original? What made you want to use it?
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    I'm also curious about this gel. It is the first time I have heard of it. I wonder if I can get a sample somewhere. Does anyone know if Kathy Mack is bottling samples of it?
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